WPS Pin on Brother Printer hl-l2350dw:

Where do you find the wps number on a brother printer hl-l2350dw?

wps pin on brother printer

If you’re attempting to line up your wireless printer, you may be prompted to supply the WPS pin to finish the Brother printer setup. Don’t worry, if you are doing not understand the WPS Pin Brother printer, this guide will assist you there upon.

Below, we’ve got shared the little by little directions that may assist you to beat the WPS Pin issue in order that you’ll simply realize the Pin for connecting your Brother printer.

Where is the wps pin on brother printer hl-l2350dw?

There some easy ways to find wps pin on wps pin brother printer hl-l2350dw:

  • STEP1: Turn on your Brother printer by connecting it to the ability outlet. • Click on the ‘Menu’ possibility from the ‘Control Panel’.
  • STEP2: Click on the Arrow image choosing the network and once you’ve got chosen the network, hit the Ok button.
  • STEP3: Press the Same arrow button for selecting local area network and hit the Ok button.
  • STEP4: Press a similar arrow button for selecting the ‘WPS w/Pin’ code and hit the Ok button.
  • STEP5: Now, you’d able to see the eight digit pin code on your printer’s liquid crystal display panel and your device can begin searching for the access purpose.
  • STEP6: Using the pc connected to the network, visit the WPS settings and enter the Pin that liquid crystal display is showing.
  • STEP7: Follow the on-screen tips to proceed with the method.
  • STEP8: If your liquid crystal display is showing connected, it means that your device is with success connected to the router and you’re able to print a document wirelessly.