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How to get rid of Error Code 52 Replace Tray 1 Feed Kit in brother printer?

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  1. Replace T1 paper feeding kit with a new one.
  2. After replacing T1 paper feeding kit, reset counter using control panel on machine.

Paper feed Roller Procedure9440 PF Kit 1 roller removal


1. Click Front cover release button, and then open the Front door unit ASSY.
2. Now push Lift arm to the direction of the arrow 6a and release boss of the Roller holder ASSY. Turn Roller holder ASSY to the direction of the arrow 6b.
3. Next you have to slide Roller holder ASSY to direction of the arrows 7a, 7b and 7c in this order so as to remove it.
4. Assemble Roller holder ASSY onto Paper feed frame unit in the order of the arrow 1a, 1b and 1c.
You can align holder shaft of the Roller holder ASSY with shape of the hole on the Paper feed frame unit and put the shaft into hole.
5.Now Turn Roller holder ASSY to direction of the arrow 2a, push Left arm to the direction of the arrow 2b

  • Fix the Boss of Roller holder ASSY into the hole of the Lift arm.

    6. Now Close the Front door unit ASSY.

  • Note Separation pad ASSY Separation pad spring Positioning section

7. Next you have to Assemble the Separation pad spring. Put positioning section of Separation pad ASSY into the spring and catch the Hooks.
8. Push both sides of the Separation pad ASSY inwards and put its Pins into the Paper tray.

  • Check that Separation pad ASSY pivots up and down smoothly by pushing it.

9. Install Paper tray into the machine.
10. After replacing the Paper feeding kit, reset your counter.

Reset Parts Life Counter For the PF KIT 1 Message

  • Note when machine is at a ready state press 3 and 9 buttons at the same time.
  • Machine should read Reset Menu.
  • Scroll through menu till PF KIT 1 on the display then press OK.
  • The display will show read 1. Reset and 2. Exit.
  • Click what you want the machine to do after that the machine should go to a ready state
  • Replace PF kit 1 message should be gone if pressed 1 for reset.


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