Quick Tips About Fixing Brother MFC-J6535DW Inkjet Offline Issue

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In case you your Brother printer is not printing or continually showing disconnected then you are at right place because we will help you to eliminate Brother MFC-J6535DW Inkjet Offline error code. All you need to do is just check out the solutions in this ultimate guide or call our Technical experts for help.

Things You Should Know About Fixing Brother MFC-J6535DW Inkjet Offline

If you are a Windows 10 or Mac system user and your Brother printer is not responding then just by modifying the settings of from your device you can get rid of Printer offline problem. We have provided different- different type of solutions in this unique guide.

How to change Brother MFC-J6535DW Inkjet Offline to online
Brother Printer goes offline when printing – How do i get it back online?

In case you are not able to solve the issue with these steps, you are not technically sound or you do not have time to troubleshoot the offline printer issue then Feel free to contact our expert team. Our Experts will guide you for this.

Why is my Brother mfc-j6535dw showing not connected all the time? How to fix it?

Below mentioned is the first method which is very easy & simple.

  1. Cross Check the printer, Is there any blockages?
  2. If yes, then remove the Blockage.
  3. After that access printer’s control box.
  4. Then double click on the Brother mfc-j6535dw printer icon.
  5. Now select Pending print jobs/Commands and select Delete.
  6. After that switch off the printer and remove the plug also.
  7. Now wait for around 30 seconds and then Switch on the printer again.

Now Verify that printer status is modified to online or not, If not then move ahead with next step.

Steps to resolve Brother Printer mfc-j6535dw showing connectionless.

This is second solution where you need to restart the computer and Re-Add the printer to Windows system.

  • 1st Step – Close all the programs of Windows 10 device.
  • 2nd Step – Then shut down the computer and wait a few seconds.
  • 3rd Step – Also switch off your Brother mfc-j6535dw printer.
  • 4th Step – Now Restart the printer and also the computer.
  • 5th Step – Access the printer panel and then Select the printer
  • 6th Step – And then select Delete to remove printer from Windows device.
  • 7th Step – Now select the Add Printer Wizard and again add the printer.

Now cross check that printer status is changed or not. If not then go ahead with next method.

What does that mean when Brother mfc-j6535dw Offline always? How to get it online?

In this method you need to Download or Update the printer Driver software.

  • Download the latest drivers from official website of Brother printer.
  • And find the latest Brother mfc-j6535dw driver revisions.
  • Right click on the printer and then click Properties.
  • Here many tabs will show on the Window screen.
  • Select tab that says something similar to “New Driver” or “Update driver.”
  • After selecting, Download or Update the driver by following instructions.

After following above tip reboot your device and then check if Printer status is changed to online or not.

How to Solve Brother mfc-j6535dw Printer paused issue?

Below mentioned resolution is segregated in two parts.

Nos.Brother mfc-j6535dw Troubleshooting Steps
1Go To Start menu > Control panel > Printers and faxes.
2A list of all the printers currently setup on the computer will show here.
3Double click Brother mfc j6535dw printer icon.
4Access Printer tab from menu bar.
5Here Uncheck Use Printer Offline option
6Now your printer will get back online automatically
How do i change my Brother printer from offline to online

The process is really simple as it will turn a Brother mfc j6535dw Black/White Laser printer offline to active status, so printing jobs perhaps in a queue can continue.

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