How to fix wireless connectivity issue in brother printer?

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Few methods for How to fix wireless connectivity issue in brother printer?

Configure the wireless settings:

  • Connect the AC power cord to Brother machine.
  • Connect to an AC power outlet. Turn on your Brother machine.
  • Don’t connect the USB cable yet.
  • Turn on computer.
  • Put the supplied CD-ROM into CD-ROM drive.

Before configuring the wireless settings:

  • You should know wireless network settings of the WLAN access point/router.

For a personal wireless network configuration:

1.Configuring machine for a smaller wireless network, such as home environment.
2.Check and record the current wireless network settings below.

  • Network Name (SSID: Service Set ID, ESSID: Extended Service Set ID)
  • Network Key (Password, Security Key or Encryption Key, etc.)
  • Brother machine only supports the use of the first WEP KEY.

3. In case you are using a router which is using more than one WEP KEY, enter the KEY used for the first WEP KEY.

How to find the Network Name (SSID, ESSID) and Network Key

1. Check the side of your WLAN access point/router.

WLAN access point/router
  1. Check the documentation provided with WLAN access point/router.
  2. Initial Network name could be the manufacturer’s name or the model name.

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