How to fix problem of too tiny printing in Brother Printer?

How to fix problem of too tiny printing in Brother Printer?

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YOU MAY FOLLOW INSTANT STEPS to fix tiny printing in Brother Printer?

  1. If the paper support flat is open then close it.
  2. Close paper support.
  3. Now pull paper tray out of your machine.
  4. Remove tray top cover.
  5. Gently press and slide paper width guides
  •  The paper length guide
  •  To fit the paper size being loaded into the tray.
  • Make sure the triangular mark
  • On the paper width guide
  • The paper length guide
  • Line up with the marks for the paper being loaded into the tray.

5.  Fan stack of paper well to avoid paper misfeeds.
6. load paper into tray with the printing surface face down in Landscape orientation.

7.  Ensure that the paper length guide touches edges of paper.

  • Re-adjust paper guides to fit the width and length of the paper.

8.  Paper should be flat in tray and below the maximum paper mark.

  • – Overfilling paper tray past this mark may cause paper jams.

9.  Replace tray top cover.

10.  Slowly push paper tray completely into the machine.

11.  Pull out paper support until it locks into place.

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