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Are you facing Brother Printer Paper tray hard to open and Close Problem? Is your Brother Printer Paper Tray Stuck? You are here because you want solutions for your problems, and we are here to provide you the solutions. Well, you are at right place. My team will provide you correct advice.

Resolve Brother Printer Paper Tray Stuck error code
Where is the paper tray on a brother printer? What if paper tray not detected brother

A Beginner’s Guide How to Fix Brother Printer Paper Tray Stuck problem

Follow below steps if your brother printer paper tray not detected or brother printer paper feed not working.

Verify that the machine is placed on flat surface. In case there are few objects under the machine or else machines are not placed on a flat surface, then the paper tray can be difficult to remove.

CountStep to Fix Printer tray won’t close
1Therefore place the machine on a flat surface.
2Now remove plastic powder residue from V-shaped cutout in side of paper tray.
3Since machine’s structure plastic powder can accumulate
4on the V-shaped cutout in the side of paper tray.
5This can make it difficult to remove paper tray from machine.
How to solve printer paper tray stuck

After you  removed the tray, clean plastic powder from V-shaped cutout. If you are not able to pull paper tray out, try to remove it by following the below steps.

POINTS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF: [fix Paper tray hard to open and Close Problem in Brother Printer?]

If your brother printer not recognizing paper tray then Follow below method to learn how to open brother printer paper tray.

Method 1

Then Switch off machine and remove the (Lower). Clear Cover from the back of the machine.

  1. Place white plastic part propped up.
  2. Hold machine with one hand and then pull the paper tray out of the machine.
  3. After doing this, rub your fingers over V-shaped cutout in side of paper tray.
  4. Keep the paper tray firmly back in machine.
  5. Keep the Jam Clear Cover back on and also see that the cover is set properly.

Verify that you can pull paper tray out of machine smoothly.

Method 2

Clear the front cover and leave machine for at least 15 minutes to cool down.

  1. Now slowly take out drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  2. Remember, jammed paper may be pulled out with drum unit
  3. and also toner cartridge assembly.
  4. This may release paper so as to pull it out of the paper tray opening.
  5. Now Close the front cover.
  6. But not to put drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back in at this point.
  7. Keep paper tray completely out of machine.

Now slowly pull out the jammed paper. Pull paper tray.

INSTANT TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS for How to fix Paper tray hard to open and Close Problem in Brother Printer?

If you don’t know how to open front cover of brother printer the try below step by supposing that you are working on brother mfc-j430w paper tray.

  1. Open the back cover then Pull down the tabs at the left and
  2. Right hand sides in order to open the fuser cover after that open fuser cover.
  3. Gently pull jammed paper out of the fuser unit using both hands.
  4. Remove paper jam and then Close the fuser cover and the back cover.
  5. Now pull the duplex tray completely out of the machine.
  6. But make sure that the jammed paper do not remain under the machine from static electricity.
  7. Check paper jam and then Put duplex tray back into the machine.
  8. Keep paper tray firmly back in the machine.
  9. Now push down green lock lever and then take toner cartridge out of the drum unit.
  10. Then clear jammed paper if there is any inside the drum unit.

Now Take toner cartridge out of drum unit and Put toner cartridge back in the drum unit until you hear it lock into place. Green lock lever will lift automatically if you put cartridge in properly.

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