How to Fix Envelope Printing Problem in Brother Printers?

brother printer support new zealand are one of the most versatile and trustworthy products in the market right. But, there is one thing that they are not able to pull off neatly is envelope printing. The envelopes tend to roll on the edges when they come out of the printer. This problem is often associated with inefficiency of roller inside the printer but the actual reason behind this won are the way these printers are set up. Here a few ways to solve wrinkled envelope problem with Brother laser printers.

Set it on Envelope Mode

  • Most of the users are not aware about this function as they were never briefed about the product and there are only a few occasions in which you will need to print an envelope.
  • For this, you will need to open the back door of the brother printer support and set the two grey levers given beside the green ones down.
  • This will set your printer in envelope mode and all your prints will crisp and fine. The envelope will also be free from wrinkles.
  • After you are done with printing envelopes, set the levers in the original position as they will hamper the printing of regular papers.

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Is it Compatible?

  1. It gets a bit tricky here. There are numerous compatibilities of various Brother Printer Support.
  2. Some are not able to print more than one envelope at once while some are not able to print envelopes at all.
  3. Before you buy a printer, you need to be thorough with its compatibility with all types of paper.
  4. You cannot blame the company as they would have clearly mentioned its compatibility somewhere in the manual.
  5. Ordinary home printer is not able to more than one envelope at once.
  6. They are just basic printers, fit for printing usual size of papers.
  7. You will need to purchase a high end one to ensure wrinkle free printing of envelopes along with the feature to print multiples envelopes at the single hit of a button.
  8. You can contact the service centre, in case you have lost your manual and are not able to find the compatibility of your printer on the internet.
  9. All you have to do is elaborate the exact problem while printing envelopes and they will most probably come up with the answer that either your printer is not compatible for envelope printing or you are doing it the wrong way.
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