How to fix Brother MFC-L5850DW Printer Offline Problem

How to fix Brother MFC-L5850DW Laser Printer Offline Problem

  1. Check the printer for any blockages, and remove it that exist.
  2. Delete print jobs in the queue.
    Go to the printer’s control box and double click on the printer you want.
    Then select any print jobs and select “Delete.”
  3. Turn the printer completely off and unplug it. Wait about 30 seconds and turn the printer back on.
  4. Restart the computer.
    Close all your programs, shut down the computer and wait a few seconds.
    You may want to turn the Brother MFC-L5850DW Laser Printer offline off again.
    Restart the printer and the computer.
  5. Go back to the printer panel and select the printer, and then select “Delete.” Select the “Add Printer Wizard” and add the printer again.
  6. Download the latest drivers by going to Brother’s website and finding the latest driver revisions.
    Right click on the printer, and click “Properties.”
    Look in all the different tabs to find a button that says something similar to “New Driver” or “Update driver.”
    After selecting, point the wizard to find the new drivers that were downloaded.

Steps to fix Brother MFC-L5850DW Laser Printer Offline to online

  • Open the printers’ ‘start’ menu and click on ‘control panel’ and tap on ‘printers and faxes’ icon. This sequence of moves will open up a new window and a list of printers will appear. The list includes all the printers currently setup on the serving computer.
  • Double click on the icon of the printer if the user wants to reconnect online. A pop-up window will then appear, this consist of details of all current print jobs scheduled on the Brother MFC-L5850DW Laser Printer offline.
  • And last, go to ‘printer’ in the menu window and tap ‘use printer offline’ and automatically this action will reconnect the printer ‘online’ from the ‘offline’ status.
  • The process is really simple as it will turn a Brother MFC-L5850DW Laser Printer to active status, so printing jobs perhaps in a queue can continue.